Emergency 3200 Lumen Torch

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The Emergency Torch:

TeamO review: We loved this torch because it is SO bright. At 3200 lumens and waterproof we're keeping one of these stowed within reach of the hatch as our grab-torch of choice in case you need to spot a mark in the water, check the windex at night or any other situation where you need maximum light immediately. It is the heaviest of our torch range so feels top quality and durable to hold and comes with a 2 year EU warranty. 


- 3200 lumens - due to the extreme brightness of 3200 lumens, the Emergency Torch is equipped with a Direct-to-low feature. Click and hold the button for 2 seconds to activate Low mode (32 lumens) first. Press button again for Medium mode (320 lumens) and once again for High mode (3200 lumens)

- 261 meter beam distance in High mode

- Variable strobe option (double tap button to activate)

- waterproof - IPX7 designation. The Emergency Torch will withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. 

- Rechargable battery

- Powerbank feature - the Emergency Torch has a charging port for micro USB and USB products. You can charge your handheld GPS or mobile phone from the torch battery bank. 

- Adjustable beam  - spotlight focus or wide range light path

- Glow in the Dark reflector - an internal glow in the dark component located behind the lens provides a secondary light source, without using any battery life. The Lo-light recharges when the torch is on and with natural light. A 10 second charge will provide 5 minutes of illumination from the Lo-light. 

- Lanyard included

- Battery charging indicator - the button will glow red while charging, and will glow green when fully charged. When the Emergency Torch is on the battery indicator will light momentarily to indicate charge level. Red indicates 25% battery or less. 

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