Free Updated BackTow Handle for lifejackets No. TEO001-TEO250

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Free Updated BackTow Handle for lifejackets No. TEO001-TEO250

As part of our regular testing and development at TeamO Marine we are constantly upgrading our designs to improve our products.

We have recently discovered that in warm temperatures and under the application of extremely high loads some of our early generation BackTow jackets may accidentally deploy because of the increased flexibility of the release wire in warm temperatures. We have already rectified this on our latest jackets but we are offering a free handle upgrade and free service to any customer who owns a jacket with a production number between TEO001 and TEO250.

You can check if your jacket falls in to this range by checking the back of the user manual or opening the zip on the cover and checking the care label attached to the inflatable bladder.  

If your jacket has a production number between TEO001-TEO250 please contact us by emailing lauren(at) We will then arrange free shipping to have your jacket returned to the TeamO factory, where we will fit an upgraded BackTow handle to the jacket and service your jacket. Alternatively we can post a new BackTow handle to you and send you a video link with step by step instructions to show you how to fit the handle to your jacket yourself.

While it is extremely unlikely that the jacket will deploy accidentally under normal use we recommend the updating of the BackTow handle to meet our new specifications. This upgrade does not affect the inflatable lifejacket which will continue to function effectively but is integral to the deck safety harness and BackTow harness systems.

If you have any concerns or questions please send contact us at the email address above and we will make sure we reply in the first instance. We are excited to continue to push the boundaries of lifejacket design and to bring you new and innovative products.


Best wishes from everyone at TeamO Marine