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What is the difference between a 170N and a 275N lifejacket?

People often ask us if they should make their lifejacket choice based on their body weight, but in reality it is more to do with the type of sailing you are planning. For overnight sailing, offshore weekend racing, coastal passages and cruising etc the 170N will be suitable for the majority of sailors. If you are heading off to do deep ocean crossings or sailing in very cold climates, we would recommend you consider the 275N lifejacket.

Both sizes of jacket are ISO approved, and they both are supplied within the same cover (this means that they are both the same size) It is what is inside the lifejacket that is different:

The 170N lifejacket has a bladder inside that will inflate automatically upon submersion (unless you have a Manual jacket system, in which case you must pull the yellow toggle to inflate your lifejacket) and it will provide 170N worth of buoyancy in the water. It uses a 38g CO2 cylinder for inflation. This will turn the wearer face-up if they are floating free in the water. Is it approved for use in inshore and offshore sailing, worn in combination with foul weather clothing. It is suitable for use in all but the most severe conditions.

The 275N lifejacket has a larger bladder inside and requires a larger (60g) Co2 bottle to inflate it. It will also inflate automatically upon submersion in water. It is intended primarily for offshore use in extreme conditions. It is also useful for sailors in very cold climates where you may be wearing extra clothing that could trap air around the body and adversely affect the self-righting capability of a smaller jacket.

Which Lifejacket is right for you? 

The TeamO Lifejacket range is named after the type of sailing the lifejacket is most suited for:

The Ocean Lifejacket with BackTow Deckharness - This is our highest spec lifejacket deckharness which comes with all of the premium safety features for a lifejacket that will be worn in extreme weather conditions. This 275N lifejacket is designed for sailors doing deep ocean or trans-ocean sailing and can be worn in combination with survival suits or foul weather gear and for people who may be carrying heavy tools or equipment on their person. If you're sailing across the Atlantic, doing the Sydney-Hobart, the Cape 2 Rio Race, the Rolex Fastnet Race or other long distance sailing and racing, this is for you.

The Offshore Lifejacket with BackTow Deckharness - This lifejacket deckharness has the same high spec as the Ocean model, but offers 170N of buoyancy instead of the larger size seen in the Ocean lifejacket. This is suitable for sailors undertaking offshore sailing and racing, and is suitable for use in extreme weather conditions in combination with survival suits or foul weather gear. If you are planning to a Rolex Fastnet campaign, undertaking weekend offshore races, doing the Rolex South China Sea Race, racing a Figaro or running a Mini TransAt campaign, this lifejacket may be the best choice for you. 

The Coastal Lifejacket with BackTow DeckHarness - We introduced this lifejacket for the 2021 sailing season because we know some customers want the BackTow technology but do not need all of the extra safety features as they are only intending to undertake short offshore journeys, for instance an overnight passage or shorter weekend offshore race. The Coastal lifejacket does not include a Sprayhood or SOLAS light as standard features, which allows us to offer the BackTow system at a more pocket-friendly price, whilst still allowing you to retrofit those items later to upgrade your lifejacket to the full Offshore spec. 

The Inshore Lifejacket - Coming soon! A simple lifejacket for day sailors - ideal for beginners just getting started in sailing who need a reliable lifejacket but do not need a deckharness yet. 

The Micro Lifejacket - Launched in Spring 2021, the Micro lifejacket is the smallest, lightest lifejacket available on the market (as tested against the 5 leading lifejacket brands in the UK). This is designed for day sailors, sportsboat teams, power boats, SUP paddle boarders and fishing/anglers. It's so light you barely feel you are wearing it, and it is low profile so it will not get in your way or impede movement. 

How does a TeamO lifejacket inflate? Which are the different inflation systems offered?

There are different inflation systems for the different models:

Micro Lifejacket: 

Manual: the wearer must manually pull the handle to inflate the lifejacket. 

Automatic: Mark 5i. This inflation system works on the 'paper pellet' system (a coil of paper inside the unit dissolves when submerged in water, triggering the inflation system within 3 seconds of getting wet). The Mark 5i firing head requires a 38g CO2 cylinder and is widely available at most chandleries. 

Inshore Lifejacket: 

Manual: the wearer must manually pull the handle to inflate the lifejacket. 

Automatic: Mark 5i. Please see description above about the Mark5i unit functionality. 

Coastal Lifejacket:

Manual: the wearer must manually pull the handle to inflate the lifejacket. 

Automatic: Mark 5i. Please see description above about the Mark5i unit functionality. 

Offshore Lifejacket and Ocean Lifejacket: 

Manual: the wearer must manually pull the handle to inflate the lifejacket. 


Option 1: ProSensor Elite: The Pro-sensor Elite firing head works using a water activated system. A compressed paper capsule is contained within the firing head. When it becomes wet it dissolves and releases a spring which fires the CO2 cylinder and inflates your lifejacket.

The firing head is designed so that water must travel upwards inside the unit to dissolve the paper pellet. It is then also protected by the lifejacket cover. This means that spray and rain will not cause accidental inflation.

Option 2: Hammar: The Hammar inflation system works by using water pressure to release a spring and inflate the lifejacket. Unlike the Pro-Sensor described above, the Hammar firing head requires immersion in water to activate - the cap needs to be approximately 10cm underwater to achieve enough water pressure to activate the unit. 

The Hammar system is intended for use in more extreme sailing conditions and is therefore often favored by sailors doing offshore sailing as it is less likely to inflate accidentally in weather when there is a lot of water and spray washing over the deck. 

Do you make children's inflatable lifejackets? 

Sadly not! We get this request a lot. Children's lifejackets require special ISO certification to ensure the lifejacket design takes in to account their height/weight approvals to be able to offer childrens lifejackets we can't make a custom one for you. We are working on this though, so please watch this space!

Do you make lifejackets for dogs? 

Unfortunately we cannot make dog lifejackets. The reason for this is that dog's sizes and shapes vary so widely that creating a lifejacket that fits properly whilst still providing in-water performance and comfort for your pet is not easy to get right.

Oscar and a number of the TeamO Marine management have dogs too and so we understand the need to keep your pet safe around water or when sailing with a dog on board. This is a design project TeamO hope to take on in the future when we have a spare minute!

Can you ship to my country? 

Yes we can! Please see our Shipping page here for full details.

Can I fly with my TeamO Lifejacket? 

Yes you can! Please see our Flying Guide for full details. 


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