TeamO Marine created and designed the award-winning BackTow lifejacket. This patented design is the only lifejacket that will keep a sailor face up if they fall overboard whilst still clipped on to their vessel.

how does a backtow lifejacket work?


TeamO is an design business that creates award-winning life saving products for anyone who works in, on or around water. Best known for the patented BackTow™ lifejacket, which was created following a number of accidents and fatalies in the marine industry, TeamO has since expanded the range to cater for all sailors, whether racing or cruising, heading offshore or exploring the coast. 

Founded by siblings Oscar and Lauren Mead, the business started out as just family in 2013, and now this small but dedicated team work from the TeamO factory in Southampton. TeamO products are 100% made in Britain. The range is distributed in seven countries and sell both online and in marine stores around the UK.

In 2018 the business successfully crowdfunded to enable faster growth. In 2019 Oscar and Lauren were honoured to jointly accept the British Marine Federation's Young Business Person of the Year Award. 

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This is a solid, well constructed life jacket that delivers great peace of mind. I was looking for a new self-inflating jacket when I started see reviews for it on YouTube and was immediately impressed with the idea and purchased one. It's one of those "that's so obvious why didn't I think of that?" type products. It fits well and I hardly notice it after a few minutes. Thank you TeamO!

James Hoiby

Practical lifejacket with unique BackTow feature, easy to carry and easy to wear, simple to adjust.

Ilie Andreas Gheata

Thanks Team O for a great fitting lifejacket that if I ever was in a position to be using it in ernest has a system which makes such good practical sense. Being such a smaller sailor, fit such that you don't really notice is really important.

Great personable team. Thanks from a very happy customer.

Josie Gliddon

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