Oscar Mead TeamO Marine  Whilst at university in 2011 young designer Oscar  Mead heard about a tragic accident during an offshore  race in the English Channel in which an experienced  sailor lost his life. Oscar's reaction was that this death  was preventable and his research in this area  highlighted a common failing in current lifejacket  standards, so he set about redesigning the life jacket  deck harness. After four years of thorough testing, including personally diving off moving vessels in to freezing water multiple times, he was ready to patent his new Backtow Technology.

Innovation will always be difficult to bring to market, and the TeamO Backtow was no exception, but by 2016 it had passed all industry standard tests (ISO test standards) in time to be launched at the prestigious METs trade show in Amsterdam. 

Oscar's passion for design, and his conviction that the marine industry offers plenty of scope for innovation, was shared by his family who joined him to create TeamO Marine. We are all sailors and we are all passionate about safety at sea. We want to bring our experiences from other sectors together to create a sharp, responsive safety design business.