We are all taught that staying with your boat is the number one safety rule and that clipping on is important, but have you ever thought about what happens if you go overboard whilst tethered on?

TeamO was founded after a number of high profile accidents and fatalities involving sailors falling overboard and then being dragged face forward in the water by their lifejacket tether equipment. There was clearly a need to improve technical safety products to keep both racers and cruisers safer whenever they were clipping on.

British sailor Oscar Mead, together with his family and a small, dedicated team based in Southampton in the UK created TeamO and launched the patented BackTow lifejacket deck harness in 2016. Since then it has received wide spread acclaim - it was even called 'revolutionary' by one of the industry's leading publications.


The TeamO BackTow is the only lifejacket in the world that can turn you face up if you go overboard whilst clipped on to a vessel.


You can now find the BackTow lifejacket stocked at all good chandleries across the UK and it is distributed in 9 countries. You can also buy directly from us at teamomarine.com and we will ship to you anywhere in the world.

TeamO is driven by a passion for innovation and a belief that your lifejacket can perform better. We want to help keep people safe whilst they get on with the important business of crossing oceans, racing around the coast and buoys or simply cruising on a summer day with family.


As seen in: Yachts & Yachting, Yachting World, Sailing Today, Practical Boat Owner, Sail Magazine, Zeilen Magazine, ScuttleButt, Sailing Anarchy and others....

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