On The Rail With: Nikki Curwen

On The Rail With: Nikki Curwen

Nikki Curwen is our first official TeamO Ambassador. We caught up with her before the start of the SORC Guernsey Solo (which Nikki ended up winning!) to ask her a couple of questions about solo sailing:

Lauren: Oscar and I met you sailing J105s years ago, before you got in to solo sailing. What was so bad about sailing with a crew that made you want to go solo?! 

Nikki: All the smelly men! Haha! There’s also a funny equation rumoured around, that the number of mistakes made around the course is equal to the number of crew squared! So statistically speaking less crew is generally better! 🤣

In all seriousness though, I love the challenge and the freedom solo sailing brings. There’s just something about being by yourself in the middle of nowhere that is rather appealing to me.

Nikki curwen sailing solo sail boat boating race racing teamo marine backtow lifejacket deckharness
L: What was your first ever solo sailing experience?

N: My first ever solo adventure was a lap around the Isle of Wight. I had my eyes set on competing in the SORC Channel Week in 2012 which requires you to do a passage of a minimum 50 miles overnight. So I set off by myself from Hamble into the night and I knew from then I loved it.

L: Do you have any tips for people who are looking to get in to solo sailing? 

N: Try get some experience doing two handed, as ultimately when the other person is asleep you’re running the boat solo, but you have the safety net if something goes wrong.

Nikki Curwen Solo sailing sailor race racing boat boating yacht yachting

L: What is the best thing about being offshore? (and finally, what's the worst thing about being offshore!?) 

N: Best thing is being alone and having the freedom to think and do what ever you want.

Worst thing is definitely the lack of frozen peas and generally good food! When I get back from a long offshore, all I want to eat is fresh fruit and veg! 

L: What are your future goals for the rest of the season/next season? 

N: Next race for me is the solo round the Isle of Wight race with SORC. Their most iconic race which somehow I’ve never managed to enter before; because I was either not around/sailimg something else, or my dad had claimed the boat!

Thanks Nikki, good luck in the SORC Solo Round the Island tomorrow! 

Nikki Curwen sailing solo sail race racing boat yacht teamo marine backtow lifejacket deckharness


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