'Te amo' - The 'I Love You' lifejacket

'Te amo' - The 'I Love You' lifejacket

Lifejackets are not the first thing that spring to mind when you think about love.

'te amo' means 'I love you' in Spanish. I'd known that for a while but just recently  other people have been noticing that too. Sailing Uma came to tour our factory when they were visiting Southampton recently, and we spotted comments underneath their video interview that people were starting to call our BackTow design the 'I love you lifejacket'. The idea of that is just perfect to me.

Although a lifejacket is not the most conventional present, as we head towards Christmas the organised early birds are getting their orders in. The thought that a TeamO lifejacket is a present you might buy for your most precious person to wear, and for them to trust our design to keep them safe should the moment of need come along, is incredibly humbling and moving.

This week we have heard from customers who are buying it for their sister,  who has recently set off to cruise around the world with her boyfriend and their dog. For a younger brother who has decided that 2021 is his Fastnet year. For a cousin who is sailing across the Pacific garbage patch, applying her marine biology skills to conduct research experiments as she goes.  

It drives me further to imagine that our effort at TeamO, working with my brother and our small but dedicated crew to create better safety products for sailors, becomes the ultimate 'I love you' statement when it's given as a gift to the adventurers heading out to sea by those staying on dry land.

The last day for shipping for Christmas orders is Monday 16th December.

Photo credit: Dan and Kika from Sailing Uma, wearing their TeamO BackTow lifejackets for their TranAtlantic crossing 


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First impression: great!

Great and innovative product, great and caring company. No water test yet. Hope, we'll never need it...
The quality perceived creates confidence.

Fantastic quality & great customer service

I ordered to be shipped to Connecticut. UPS held up the package because some paperwork went missing. Lauren was extremely helpful and we got them moving with minimal delay. They are extremely high quality and fairly priced. You definitely get what you pay for!
They fit nicely and I look forward to years of use.


Nice quality.

Most comfortable

Great looking and the quality is superb. I love the fact that the collar sits back off my neck so it’s not weighing down and really unnoticeable when wearing it. We purchased ours for an offshore race which was rather challenging with high wind speeds. This product fitted well and never irritated me like others have done with being too heavy on the neck.

Comfortable and Reassuring PFD

I have two of these now and love them! The comfort and quality are great. The features within this life jacket are very reassuring and I highly recommend them to anyone who ventures out to sea. My wife also thinks the colors and design are great.