Emergency 3200 Lumen Torch

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The Emergency Torch:

TeamO review: We loved this torch because it is SO bright. At 3200 lumens and waterproof we're keeping one of these stowed within reach of the hatch as our grab-torch of choice in case you need to spot a mark in the water, check the windex at night or any other situation where you need maximum light immediately. It is the heaviest of our torch range so feels top quality and durable to hold and comes with a 2 year EU warranty. 


- 3200 lumens - due to the extreme brightness of 3200 lumens, the Emergency Torch is equipped with a Direct-to-low feature. Click and hold the button for 2 seconds to activate Low mode (32 lumens) first. Press button again for Medium mode (320 lumens) and once again for High mode (3200 lumens)

- 261 meter beam distance in High mode

- Variable strobe option (double tap button to activate)

- waterproof - IPX7 designation. The Emergency Torch will withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. 

- Rechargable battery

- Powerbank feature - the Emergency Torch has a charging port for micro USB and USB products. You can charge your handheld GPS or mobile phone from the torch battery bank. 

- Adjustable beam  - spotlight focus or wide range light path

- Glow in the Dark reflector - an internal glow in the dark component located behind the lens provides a secondary light source, without using any battery life. The Lo-light recharges when the torch is on and with natural light. A 10 second charge will provide 5 minutes of illumination from the Lo-light. 

- Lanyard included

- Battery charging indicator - the button will glow red while charging, and will glow green when fully charged. When the Emergency Torch is on the battery indicator will light momentarily to indicate charge level. Red indicates 25% battery or less. 

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solid and well made

Solid feeling in the head, good handling

Michael Healy
Great light

The flash light is beautiful, hopefully the charging cable is on it’s way. I like the way it works, very well. A big thank you.

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Great jackets, unreliable customer service

It is unfortunate that my experience with Teamomarine has been marred by poor communication since I started the process in May and the product was finally delivered in July. It's frustrating when emails go without a response, the phone was never answered and it was a constant push to find out what was happening to my order. I understand there are current supply issues but a short email or text can reassure a customer that they have not been forgotten.
The products, however, are first rate, which is why I stuck with the process. A unique design and quality, I hope I never to have to use them in anger.

Dear Alasdair,

Thanks for your feedback. We will reply by email as well, but we wanted to publicly apologise for the slow communication that you experienced during your order. We have made no secret of the fact that production has been incredibly difficult this year, with several of our suppliers either entirely closed or running with long delays on parts which has affected our own UK manufacturing hub. We have done our best to keep communicating that so that customers are kept up to date, but in one or two cases emails have been missed or left unanswered, which is my bad. I can understand why this has created frustration and confusion about the status of your order. Since July we have welcomed a new team member to the business and are implementing new customer service systems so we are working to prevent this happening in future. Thank you for sticking with us, I am so glad to hear that the product meets your expectations. If there is anything else we can help with please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Best wishes,


Comfortable & gives sense do security

This is my third life jackets and could
Say one of the most comfortable
I had, easy to put on and off and has flat back so I can do my yoga posture while
Wearing it ! I have not tried it in the water yet and hope that I have never experience it but the sense of security and safety keeps me happy . I also like the new blue / turquoise colour as my husband has blue /royal blue which was previous edition so we don’t have problem picking the ‘wrong ‘ one as each is adjusted to personal body shape. Will Definitely recommend it !

Excellent product

I'm really pleased with this lifejacket (170N offshore). It's very comfortable, and a doddle to adjust from hot-and-sunny-summer-sailing to full oilskins. It's also easy to open up and check over. I absolutely love the concept of the back-tow harness - a genuinely brilliant idea which really could actually make the difference between life and death; especially if you do much single- or short-handed sailing, why would you have anything else? I also love the fact that they're a proper, honest-to-goodness UK-made product made by people who sail. Highly recommended.

Muy buena calidad de producto y servicio

Todo perfecto, producto de buena calidad y servicio fiable. Debido al brexit hay que pagar los costes de aduana e impuestos cuando te entregan el paquete. He podido colocar en el interior una baliza personal PLB1 Rescueme de Onesignal, aunque no pude fijarla en el soplador por falta de espacio. Por otro lado el chaleco es muy ligero, confortable y en dias calurosos se soporta bién.

Great lifejacket

Got two of these recently in different colours and got to wear them on a few coastal passages. The jackets are very comfortable, almost to the point of not noticing you are wearing one - and no more neck pain, which is fantastic. They appear very well made, look great and so far have served us well, hopefully will continue doing so in an actual emergency, should one occur. The only small gripe I have is the little loop for hanging the jacket up digging into my back - I'll probably just cut it off as I hang the jacket by the harness attachment point (much wider). Highly recommended product overall, thank you TeamO for all the incredible work I'm sure you had to do to get these on the market.