Eco-packaging Update

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Eco-packaging Update

As a manufacturer of a product that uses plastic-coated materials in our products by necessity (lifejacket fabrics must be plastic coated to prevent them from degrading when exposed to harsh salt water environments) we are always looking for ways we can reduce our environmental impact in other areas of the business. 

Today we are pleased to let you know that we have switched our packaging tape to a new water-activated paper tape. This means there is no plastic involved at all in any of our shipping packaging. TeamO's cardboard cartons which you receive your lifejackets in can now go straight in to recycling without the need to strip plastic tape off first. Water-activated paper tape means no plastic-based glue on the underside of the paper. 

TeamO boxes are already packed using EcoFill eco packing beans. These are made of starch and are 100% biodegradable. To dispose of them you can put them in to your bio-bags for composting or straight on the compost heap. They also dissolve quickly in water so you can also chuck, them in the sink or bath, add water and watch them safely disappear down the drain. 




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92 reviews
Amazing product and service!

Great industry leading product, speaks for itself!
Amazing service from the Teamo guys too. Quick responses to email queries, great communication, perfect customer service. Very happy customer. Would highly recommend! Thanks guys!

170N offshore lifejacket

Hoping I never need to use it in anger but so far satisfied with the product.
Fits perfectly, feels lighter than previous version and just love the colour.. !
Initially I didn’t know who to direct my emails to .. but once I found a contact communication ran smoothly.

Few Upgrades and would be Perfect

Now that I worn it for a little while now it’s a really good product! I’m quite happy with it. The only reason I can’t give it five stars is because the leg straps just aren’t beefy enough. I’d like something more substantial to hold on to me if I fall overboard.. These little teeny tiny thin straps will dig into your legs real quick… This is literally the only thing that’s not built to an industrial standard, everything about this lifevest is made for offshore cruising!

Great craftsmanship

I just opened my new N170 and am incredibly impressed. The craftsmanship is truly superb.
I spent my entire career of 46yrs. either as a sailmaker or running my own canvas shop for 34 years. It really is a piece of art, hats off to the people who make these. I of course will recommend it as the one to buy.
I was hoping that I ordered it in time for the included tether. Close but no cigar.
Thank you all for working so hard to put out a great product

Great buying experience, well made product.

The whole buying experience was professional and smooth.
Product arrived promptly and very well packed.

Jacket itself appears a very well made, quality product. Clearly in a different league to some of the others I have here.
Neat, tight stow, with a well fitting cover. Supportive harness. Shaped yoke and straps make for a good, snug, yet comfortable fit.

Very comfortable to wear, male 1.8m & 85kg.
My vhf and PLB holsters fitted easily. Sizing adjusts easily to suit appropriate ppe.

I'd v probably give 5 stars once I've had some longer days afloat with it, but quite early days yet...

One of the best LJs I've used during. >40 year career in commercial marine industries.

V pleased, would buy again.