Make More Change Happen

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Make More Change Happen

Tomorrow is the start of the Fastnet race, the biggest event in the UK offshore sailing calendar this year. There are record breaking numbers of boats going around the rock – nearly 3000 sailors in total are going to be taking on the 600nm course and there is an excited sense of anticipation building around the Yacht Haven in Cowes as the count down to the start gun gets closer.

It’s been a madly busy couple of weeks for TeamO as we have been sending lifejackets out day and night to teams who are competing. It has been quite humbling to see how many more sailors are choosing to put their trust in our product compared to when we first launched BackTow lifejackets a couple of years ago. Back then we were the unknown new kids on the block, trying to tell people about the danger of existing lifejacket/tether combinations. Now people are much more aware and actively seeking out better safety solutions to prevent front-tow MOB accidents. Watching someone weigh up all their options of good lifejackets out there in chandleries and stores, and then they pick a TeamO lifejacket to keep them safe at sea? That’s quite a hard feeling to describe.

Passion for sailing is what got us in to business, but fighting to establish a business is hard work, it grinds away at your motivation. Seeing teams come together to prepare their boats to tackle this great race this week has given us fresh incentive, a purpose to fight for and keep fighting for. We’ve got a good team and good ideas. Our biggest drive is that we have been given a chance to make a change, to use this company to make a difference to people’s lives and keep them safe in any condition that the environment can throw at them.

I’ll be out on a rib tomorrow with Oscar, watching all of the starts and spotting crew wearing TeamOs. It’s the start of the race but it also feels like the start of a new chapter, something bigger for our business. We’re going to make more change happen.



 Photo credit: Alan Roberts Racing