The TeamO Autolock Tether gains DAME Award Nomination

A breakthrough innovation in tether design which allows sailors greater freedom of movement and prevents a fall whilst clipped to the lifelines of a vessel.

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TeamO Marine Safety Products Ltd are delighted to announce that their latest design, the Autolock Tether, has been nominated by an international panel of judges for the prestigious DAME Design Award 2017 in the Lifesaving and Safety Equipment category. TeamO Marine is committed to producing ground-breaking innovative new products that improve safety at sea, and the Autolock Tether is our latest offering that we feel does just that.

Tether design has not changed in many years and at its most basic it is a simple hook and line arrangement to prevent a man-overboard situation. Most of us use a long tether when moving around the deck because it allows for greater movement and flexibility. A standard tether is up to 2m long and this means that in an accident should the user slip over they can fall the entire 2m length, which can result in a Man Overboard, serious injury or even death.

The Autolock tether is designed to prevent falls and Man Overboard situations arising as the variable length of the tether means it is always at the perfect length for the wearer. The design has a safety-hook at one end for the wearer to attach to the lifelines of the vessel, and a soft loop at the other end which is hitched on to the lifejacket harness. The Autolock automaticaly extends and retracts when the user moves around the vessel, but when placed under shock loads it locks so that it is only ever the length that the wearer needs it to be. Your fall is immediately arrested and more serious injury can be avoided. The lightweight inertia reel system provides an effective and safe way to move around a vessel whilst tethered, and to still have an easy working configuration as it removes trip hazards.

The globally acclaimed DAME Design Award saw 122 entries from 22 countries apply for this year's award. The overall winner and the category winners will be announced on the first day of the METs trade show in Amsterdam on November 14th. This is the second design from a young business and young British inventor, as the TeamO BackTow Lifejacket Harness was launched at the previous METs show in 2016. The team are delighted to be back again this year with their latest design and to continue pushing the boundaries in the modern marine safety technology sector.

DAME Design Award Nomination TeamO Marine AutoLock Tether

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