The Lonely Rock Race

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The Lonely Rock Race

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Congratulations to Tom Kneen and the crew of Sunrise Racing who are the IRC winners of the Royal Western Yacht Club's inaugural Lonely Rock Race! As Safety Sponsor of the event, TeamO was there are the start line to supply racers with surprise goodie bags.

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In the goodie bag racers were given Gin & Tonics to toast reaching the Fastnet Rock, which is an iconic landmark in the British offshore racing scene, and dry socks (because every offshore sailor knows that warm, dry feet are the way to have a happy race) For good measure we threw in some sunblock and Haribo supplies for the dash to the finish too. 

As the race got underway, the organisers at the Royal Western Yacht Club noticed a looming problem that was growing in the Irish Sea: 

Storm Ellen weather forecast grib file stormy weather Irish Sea

The decision was made - the fleet changed course to head for another lonely rock: Wolf Rock, 8nms off the course of Land's End. Leaving the lighthouse to Port they would then race back to the finish in Plymouth before Storm Ellen hit. 


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The final boat finished at midnight last night and racers were met with TeamO beers at the finish line to celebrate their safe return and with BackTow lifejackets for the winners. 

Seeing young racers heading offshore is really inspiring to us, so TeamO also decided to sponsor a trophy and a prize for the youngest sailor. This was won by George on the JPK1180 Dawn Treader, so congratulations George!

Teamo Marine, lifejacket, backtow lifejacket, prize trophy, Lonely Rock Race,

We love a creative project, so when it came to sourcing the trophy for the Lonely Rock Race we decided to keep it in-house. Oscar repurposed the metal base from an ex-display stand and the laser cut acrylic parts were off-cuts from another project - #Zerowasteforthewin

teamo marine, teamo lifejacket, backtow lifejacket, lonely rock race trophy

Well done to all of the sailing teams who took part, and to the Royal Western Yacht Club for successfully running an offshore race during this turbulent 2020 sailing season. 

Next time we will go visit the original, legendary, the ultimate challenge in the British offshore sailing league: the Fastnet Rock!

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