The Rules of the Speedboat

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The Rules of the Speedboat

Wise words from one of our favorite business hero’s (@davidhieatt) and we’re listening.


1- Speed is more important than size.
2 - Direction can change quickly. Values do not.
3 - No passengers.
4 - The fewer people, the quicker the decisions.
5 - You are here to make waves, not ride them.
6 - No ego’s. They slow you down. Team first.
7 - Listen to your instinct. Then act.
8 - Goliath has history. But up ahead is the future. Get there first.
9 - There is no map. Pioneers have to imagine the way, not read it.

10 - Always be launching.  


Photo credit: @maidenfactor, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean with their BackTow life jackets.