Why is clipping on important?

Why is clipping on important?

Great little 30 second reminder here from the Royal Yachting Association about why clipping on is important.

Clipping on with a regular lifejacket makes NO sense to us - if you fall overboard your lifejacket and tether combination will tow you face down in the water next to the boat, where the risk of drowning is incredibly high.

Tethers used in combination with BackTow lifejackets however make complete sense. If you fall overboard and deploy the BackTow system the lifejacket will rotate you on to your back and you will be in a seated position, face up next to the boat. The BackTow strop can then be used as a recovery system to safely get your MOB back onboard.

Stay clipped on, stay with the boat, stay the right way up.

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