Which inflation system is right for your lifejacket?

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Which inflation system is right for your lifejacket?

TeamO lifejackets have three different inflation system options which have different pros and cons depending on the type of sailing you are planning on. Here is a quick guide to help you decide which one is right for you.

We're always happy to talk, so there are contact details are at the bottom of this page if you still have any questions after reading the guide that we can help with. 

UML ProSensor Firing Head

(TeamO lifejackets come with the ProSensor Firing Head fitted as standard and are our preferred inflation system for TeamO lifejackets.)

The Pro-sensor firing head works using a water activated system. A compressed paper capsule is contained within the firing head. When it becomes wet it dissolves and releases a spring which fires the CO2 cylinder and inflates your lifejacket.

The firing head is designed so that water must travel upwards inside the unit to dissolve the paper pellet. It is then also protected by the lifejacket cover. This means that spray and rain will not cause accidental inflation.

There are two colour tabs on the front of the unit to show the activation status. When both the firing head and the CO2 cylinder show as green marks the lifejacket is armed and ready for use. If one of the marks shows red this indicates that the jacket is not armed and needs to be checked. If the top tab shows red check that the CO2 cylinder is unpunctured and is screwed firmly in to the unit. If the bottom tab show red check that the paper pellet cup is screwed firmly on to the bottom of the firing head.

Hammar Firing Head

The Hammar inflation system works by using water pressure to release a spring and inflate the lifejacket. Unlike the Pro-Sensor described above, the Hammar firing head requires immersion in water to activate - the cap needs to be approximately 10cm underwater to achieve enough water pressure to activate the unit. 

The Hammar system is intended for use in more extreme sailing conditions and is therefore often favored by sailors doing offshore sailing as it is less likely to inflate accidentally in weather when there is a lot of water and spray washing over the deck. 

Manual Firing Head  

UML Manual Only activated Inflations Systems have a Yellow Pull Toggle. 

The lifejacket will only inflate after the toggle has been manually deployed by the wearer. 

This system may be preferable for sailors who are expecting to sail in more extreme conditions where the wearer may experience more water across the deck than most boats. 

Still have questions about which inflation system is best suited for your lifejacket? Drop us an email with details about your sailing plans and we can help advise which option would be best for you: info@teamomarine.com


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